Basic care for your composite veneers

Basic care for your composite veneers

If you have been made or you are going to perform dental esthetics with composite veneers and you want to give them the best care (and rightly so it is an investment you have made in your teeth). Well you should know that there is really nothing else to do that you need your teeth normally, but in any case there are no more tips that helps you achieve better oral health.

If you want to have perfect veneers for a long time and healthy teeth and gums you need to follow the recommendations:

Make a good brushing: clear oral hygiene is the main toothbrush you must follow to take good care of your mouth and your composite veneers. You should brush every time you eat, without spending more than an hour after that. The sooner you realize your hygiene, the better the cleaning will be.
Do not forget about dental floss: with dental floss you can take good care of your teeth, gums and veneers. With this simple activity you can remove the remains of food that you could not remove with brushing. Today there are different types of dental threads that are easier to handle and some come perfumed with mental. It is important to remove all these food residues, because if you leave them they favor the loosening of the meat and the discoloration.
Avoid smoking and drinks that are dark. You must do this in order to avoid damaging the color of your teeth and your veneers in Tijuana. Among the drinks you should avoid is coffee like coffee, due to cola and other infusions. Wine, soft drinks and juices help darken teeth and veneers, you will not want your teeth to look like a rotten ear.
Avoid the consumption of sauces. These are also enemies of the color of your teeth and veneers. What these elements do is obscure them, but do not worry if you can continue eating them, it is simply advised not to abuse them.
Periodic dental cleaning: to be able to set aside your composite veneers, what you should do is go to the dentist at least once a year or every 6 months. In this way the tartar will not accumulate excessively, otherwise you will have teeth full of dough, which is really disgusting, who would like to kiss someone who seems to have months who does not wash his mouth? even if you brush your teeth the tartar makes it look the opposite.
Biting with care: when mordant composite veneers are placed they are usually located in the front teeth, which are the main acting when biting. It is therefore necessary to avoid biting hard things like pencils, nails, or uncovering beer bottles with your teeth (you would be surprised at the times that patients return for that reason). Hard breads, nuts and other foods with a strong texture are not recommended and can help break or peel off the veneer.
Avoid, above all, clenching the teeth.
And above all do not forget to be very careful when performing certain sports, especially those contact, in which there is the possibility of receiving a blow to the mouth and this way to detach or break the veneers, it is better to use the appropriate protection like a fencer. Keep in mind that it is much better to prevent.
Now that you have these recommendations to take care of your composite veneers, it’s time to put them into practice.

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